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The Book of Monotheistic Religions


How do Jews, Christians and Muslims live their faith? This new work by Patrick Rivière is offered to the reader as a guide to the three monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The study of the sources of the dogmas of the three religions, as well as of their respective rites and liturgical calendars, makes it possible to understand their largely divergent, but sometimes also convergent, strengths, at least in their monotheistic essence, linked to the paternity of the patriarch Abraham. 


The establishment in today's world of the three religions also gives rise to numerous politico-religious and social situations worthy of analysis, such as the different cultural models and worship practices, for whose resolution it would be desirable, now more than ever, to move towards a form of tolerance and reconciliation, or even religious ecumenism, without being labeled, for that reason, as utopian. For do not Jews, Christians and Muslims worship and pray to the same God, albeit in different ways?