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The Great Religions of Asia


Asia is marked by deep mysticism and mystery, and has always aroused fascination and admiration. Two great worlds, in addition to the Persian bloc, dominate this continent: China and India, not forgetting their respective peripheries. 


In discovering these great religions, the reader will be captivated by a universe still full of traditions, such as ancestor worship. The author deals here with the archaic traditions of Vedism, Hinduism, Confucianism and Taoism. Lionel Dumarcet, a great enthusiast of the history of religions, presents in this colorfully illustrated work the chronology of the great religions, how they evolved and the place they occupy in our societies. 


He also raises the major fundamental questions and takes us on a veritable journey through time, a return to the origins and foundations of Asian religious thought. This work takes us back to distant times, to values and beliefs abandoned or forgotten in our civilizations. It is a great lesson of life and thought for each one of us.