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Kickboxing Lessons


Kickboxing is currently one of the most widespread fighting sports in the world, as it is very effective and easy to learn. Modern evolution of the ancient martial arts, kickboxing is a complete sport discipline and also a technique that can be a valid weapon of self-defense. Safe and very attractive, kickboxing allows you to develop a series of kicking and punching techniques, at amateur level (with the light contact of punches) or, if desired, at professional level (with full contact and KO). 


With this book you will learn all the techniques and all the phases of training, from physical preparation to the fundamental theory of combat; the work includes 150 didactic photographs that will allow you to know kickboxing in all its aspects (history, equipment, guards, punches, defenses, attacks, combats, combinations of movements, athletic preparation, etc.) A serious and complete guide that should not be missing in the library of the beginner or in that of the Master.