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Ready, Set Go: Training Rottweilers


Of all defense dogs, the Rottweiler is the strongest and, if trained and educated, the safest. Many people are convinced that the Rottweiler is a dangerous dog, that it bites easily and is difficult to control. However, the "evil" dog does not exist: from birth, man can modify his instinct, correcting aggressive and combative behaviors and establishing a friendly relationship with him. 


For this reason, before acquiring a dog with these characteristics, we should ask ourselves if we will be able to face such a great responsibility. To educate a dominant dog like the Rottweiler requires a certain skill, some basic knowledge and a particular sensitivity: the advice in these pages is indispensable for this. Thanks to this manual, we will be able to learn everything we need to know to take care of a Rottweiler. With its precise and clear explanations and the large number of photographs that illustrate it, we will know how to get the most out of our dog and, at the same time, make it live happily.