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Raising a Healthy & Obedient Bulldog


Is the bulldog the ugliest dog in the world? Not for the fans of this breed who, seduced by its sympathy and good character, see in it singular esthetic qualities. It is a lively, courageous, trustworthy, resolute and terrible-looking dog, although with an affectionate character. However, it is a very suitable breed for guarding. 


If our option is to enjoy the company of a bulldog, we must know that it is necessary to educate it to live in family and that we should know all the secrets to improve the coexistence, make it happy and keep it in shape: the adequate feeding, the advice to solve small health problems, the hygiene, the vaccinations? 


A fully illustrated guide with excellent photographs that will show you the benefits of this peculiar breed and that will be of great help and will allow you to know your dog and make him happy. Well informed and documented, you will be able to spend with your bulldog the most pleasant moments and feel totally safe and calm.